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COVID 19 Terms and Conditions



These Conditions are subject to change with the developing guidelines.

Please ensure you are familiar with them prior to coming to the event.

Currently each competitor is ONLY allowed to bring ONE additional supporting person with them. This person must travel in the vehicle to the event with the rider and ideally be able to drive the vehicle and horse home in the event of an accident. If your supporting person is unable to drive the vehicle you MUST have made provisions to ensure the vehicle and horse can be removed from the venue. This supporting person must be available to help the rider alongside medical staff in the event of an accident if required. The name and phone number of the supporting person will be asked for at the time of entry. No extra people will be allowed onsite other than the rider, named support person, volunteers & officials. All other people will be asked to leave. No additional children other than those riding or with volunteers from the same household.

Should this event be cancelled at short notice due to Covid 19 or a change in the government’s advice, the organisers will retain £25.00 per entry fee to cover costs.

Gloves and Masks will be provided for volunteers and officials. Competitors and their assistant attending the event should provide their own protective equipment should they wish to use it.

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